Due to a ruling by the supreme court in February 2018 , it is forbidden to drink Daime in the Netherlands.  Therefore, we no longer organize Daime services in the Netherlands. We do organize regular services where we play the hymns together. Everyone is welcome. A small fee is requested.

Those who would like to attend a service at our church and want to drink Daime can only go to our church in Brazil.

Ceremonies in Brasil

You can vist our garden in São Paulo, Brasil. There we organize regular ceremonies and the Feitio. The Feitio ceremony lasts for several days  and during this time we cook the Daime.

Each first and third Saturday of the month – Ceremonies.

You are very welcome to visit our garden in Brasil. Please contact us for more information.


Music repetitions

Every month we organise a music repetition and ukelele/guitar lesson at the church in Hempens.

12th of January 2019

9th of February 2019

9th of March 2019

13th of April 2019

11th of May 2019

So bring your voice and /or your instruments and come and play!

Because the ‘teachers’ come all the way from Amsterdam it is highly appreciated if you let us know if you will join. You can sent an email to

Hope to see you!