Encontro com seu Eu (meeting yourself) is a Santo Daime church. This church is originated in the beginning of the 20th century  in Brazil. Central in this church are the Santo Daime ceremonies where we drink the holy sacrament Santo Daime and sing hymns together (these are prayers in Portuguese). The use has long been known in the Amazon region of South America. Encontro com seu Eu РNetherlands is connected to the mother church in Brazil.

Until recently, we organized services at various locations in the Netherlands. In these services we offered a place where you can make a spiritual journey in a protected environment. A journey to deeper layers of yourself, of the world and the cosmos. Our message is a message of Harmony, Love, Truth, Righteousness and Connectedness with nature and all creation.

Unfortunately, on the 28th of February, there was a court ruling that no longer allowed us to organize services in the Netherlands where we serve our holy sacrament. Daime may no longer be imported and the church may no longer serve Daime. Therefore we are obliged to resign our work.

Who wants to drink Daime in our churchis welcome to visit our garden in Brazil. The events that will take place there will soon be on our website.

In the Netherlands we still organize services in which we will sing the hymns together. No Daime will be consumed during these services.